Flock Inventory Help

Adding Sheep to  your Inventory

Go to the add animal page, if you are requesting an animal movement or adding an animal that may not be on the system click ‘I’m not recording a lambing’ . If you wish to record your own lambing information, please go to the lambing management screen.


Proceed to enter the following information:

  • Enter the NSIS or tattoo,
  • the birth date
  • the sex of animal
  • Click save if you are happy with the information


If the animal is already on the system you should then request that this animal is moved into your flock.

It is then necessary for the previous owner to log in to their own account and either accept the movement (to release the animal) or reject the movement (to retain the animal in his/her flock).

If you receive an error message like the one below please contact your flockbook society or Sheep Ireland for assistance.


Removing Sheep from your Inventory

Click on the animal you want to remove from your inventory.

Click on the ownership button (as seen in the image below).


You will then see the following screen:


Enter the departure or death date,

Tick either sold or dead button,

If known you can record the flock it was sold to,

Please select the reason for sale/death from the drop down menu,

Proceed to save the relevant information.

Why is it important to record this information?

Its only by capturing data on why ewes/lambs die and that get culled that we’ll be able to identify the bloodlines that will last in a flock. Therefore it is necessary to capture this information by getting breeders to record individual animal movements.