LambPlus sign-up forms are now being posted out to breeders for the 2017 season.
Deadline for the receipt of sign-up forms is Thursday 1st December - so don't delay.

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Charollais being recorded

Case Study: Jim and Frampton Jeffery, Midleton, Co. Cork; Bawnard Flock Jim and Frampton Jeffery run a flock of pedigree Charollais, Suffolk and Texel ewes. The flock has been performance recording with Sheep Ireland since 2014 and since then has


Sheep Ireland flockbook management screens Introduction Sheep Ireland have designed an excellent flockbook management system which is currently being used by the Texel, Belclare, Galway & Rouge sheep societies to maintain their society flockbooks and manage their day to day


With 32 rams being used across the 2,400 ewes a lot of effort is put in place to ensure that the maximum return is acquired from the subsequent recorded data. Some of the criteria we apply to fulfil this goal