Parentage Results Explained

Call Rates

Passed: Quality of DNA was good enough to be genotyped.

Failed: Quality of DNA wasn’t good enough to be genotyped. Reasons for this could be

  • Dirty or wet ear on the day of sampling.
  • Not Stored correctly
  • Not taken correctly
  • Failed lab procedure


Ear punch

Sire/Dam information.

Sire/Dam correct: Parentage is DNA verified.

Sire/Dam not verified: Parentage could not be verified.

Sire/Dam failed call rate: DNA for Sire/Dam failed the call rate and there for could not be used.

Sire/Dam not genotyped: No DNA for the Sire/Dam.

Sire/Dam not found in parentage file: There is no parentage on the data base for this animal.

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