Flock Book Secretaries: How to set up a new flock?

Section 1: Creating a New flockImage 3

Before adding a new flock to the database it is important that it is fully established that the flock doesn’t already exist on the database, the flock should be searched for by designator (IE04), the Herd number and the name. Once it has been fully established the flock is not on the database it can then be created using the Add Flocks option under the Manage Tab.

  1. Irish Designator: Every Sheep Flock in Ireland has a Flock Designator, it is a 5 digit number which follows IE04 of the farmers tags, and it can also be found at the top of the dispatch docket book. Each designator can only be used once in the database. eg IE0412345
  2. Pre-2010 Irish Designator: This Designator would have been at the beginning of the farmers tags between 2005 -2010. This is not critical to obtain but it can be recorded here if it is provided. eg IE1610123
  3. Flock No. or BTE: This is the farmers Herd number, it is very important to get this ID from every farmer because in the event of a Dept. of Ag breeding scheme and payments will be linked to this number, failure to obtain this ID may result in delayed/lost payments.
  4. Other ID (For Foreign Flocks): When creating a foreign flock enter the flocks  ID here, eg UK520579
  5. Name: This is how the names will appear in Catalogues, Reports ect
  6. Address: For Irish Flocks the third line of the address should always and only be the county and in the following format (eg Co. Donegal). When reports are being generated on a county basis, this is what we use to differentiate between counties and any other format may lead to inaccurate reports.
  7. Address: The fourth Line of the Address should always be the short code for that country, again this is used for generating reports.
    • Ireland = IRL
    • N. Ireland, Scotland, England. Wales = UK
    • France = FR
    • Belgium = BE
  8. Update: This will save the flocks information and take you to the next section of setting up a flock

Add Flock

Section 2: Changing/Updating Flock details



Email: Can be found in the Flock Section. It is mandatory that any flock that wants to view or record data online supplies a unique e-mail address to the database. This is because the flocks password for the website will be emailed to them directly by using the forgotten password link on the Sign-In page.

Mobile: Can be found in the Flock Section. It is important to put the country code (353) in front of all mobile numbers in order to keep them in a consistent format. The country code is important for when sending out multiple text messages to avoid problems with the software. eg 353861234567.


Flockbook: Select your relevant Breed.

Flock Prefix: Enter the flocks new prefix, each prefix can only be used once. For most breeds this will be 2-4 characters made up of numbers and/or letters. This is what will appear at the start of all the pedigree ID’s of lambs bought in this flock.

Flock Name:  This must be a unique name for the entire flock book. This will appear on certs for animals born in this flock.

Section 3: Informing the Breeder

Once the flock has been set up a communication can be sent to the breeder informing them of how to access their flocks information. There is a template letter here, feel free to edit as you see fit to best match the needs of your society.


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