Flock Book Secretaries: How to add Ancestry

The below explanation is applicable when adding ancestry to an animal that is already on the system (this can also be used when you are creating an animal from scratch and wish to update the ancestry).

Search for the animal (that you wish to add ancestry to) by the NSIS or Pedigree ID.


Figure 1


Once you have found the animal in question, you will be first greeted by the animal screen. It is clear from the above picture that this animal is missing its dam on the database. The dam can be entered here but it is more efficient to go to the ancestry tab that is circled above.

Proceed to click the edit button of the dam that is to be added. Enter the ewe’s ID (NSIS or Pedigree ID).

  1. The ewe should appear in the suggestions list, click on the ewe in question.
  2. Proceed to ‘preview changes’.


Figure 2


If you are happy that this is the correct animal and that the back ancestry matches, you can save this information (as shown in the graph below).


Figure 3


If you are not happy and do not wish to save this information, click the edit button and click cancel. Your information will not have been saved.

What if the animal isn’t appearing on the suggestion list?

If you are certain that the animal that you wish to add to the ancestry tree is not on the database, you can create the animal through the edit button as shown in figure 2.


Figure 4


Because you are creating a new animal that is not on the system the first box will be left empty (as this is only relevant when selecting animals that are on our database). Please fill out all relevant fields. Again preview your changes, if happy proceed to save the information.


Figure 6

You can now repeat the same process and begin to fill in the rest of the ancestry where appropriate.

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