Weekly Update: 10/02/17

OVIGEN Parentage Reports

This week the first DNA parentage verification reports were circulated to some pedigree sheep breeders that agreed to participate in the OVIGEN sheep genomics research project. There are still a number of reports to be circulated, so breeders that have not yet received theirs, should expect contact next week.

The reports contain quite a lot of information as there are potentially 5 different categories for sheep to fall into with regard to their parentage verification. Sheep Ireland are anxious to work with all OVIGEN breeders to explain and discuss the results contained in these reports.

Breeders will notice we are unable to parentage verify the older sheep within their flocks for the simple reason that there is no DNA available for their ancestors. However for many of the younger animals it is likely results will be available. The key point to note for breeders, is that going forward it be will much easier to assess parentage. Having a large base of foundation breeding stock genotyped through OVIGEN provides a massive opportunity for Irish pedigree ram breeders and their customers.


LambPlus data recording

All LambPlus breeders are reminded to enter their lambing information onto the Sheep Ireland as soon as possible. The deadline for entry of lambing data is April 30th so there is still plenty of time, but the prompt recording of information will afford the best possible opportunity to address recording errors.

Many breeders will now have lambs approaching the 40 day of age mark, so a weight needs to be capture soon. The window to capture this weight is between 20 and 65 days of age which should provide breeders with enough flexibility to combine weighing lambs with other flock husbandry tasks taking place on the farm.