Weekly Update: 16/06/17

Teagasc Athenry Open day

A major technical day for sheep farmers will take place in Teagasc Athenry next Wednesday, 21 June. This event will demonstrate the very latest technical advice across all aspects of sheep production. From a genetics point of view there will be a huge amount of information available;

  • Sheep Ireland personnel will have a workshop to speak to farmers/breeders
  • Update on initial INZAC results (NZ & Irish sheep trial)
  • Explanation of Indexes
  • Exhibit of low and high index rams
  • Genomic Selection explained
  • Economics behind the €uroStar evaluations

In association with genetics there will be a huge focus on grassland, flock Health, the Better sheep farm programme, increasing output from hill sheep production, health and safety & Brexit. Click here for more information on the open day.

Next Sheep Ireland board meeting

This next meeting takes place on Thursday June 22nd. Any suggestion or issue which users of Sheep Ireland would like to see discussed, should be communicated to their relevant board representative. A full list of board representatives can be found here on the Sheep Ireland website.

Flock Linkage letters

Today (Fri 16th) Sheep Ireland are posting flock linkage letters to all LambPlus breeders. These letters will clearly indicate the current linkage status of each performance recording breeder. For breeders with more than one breed of sheep, there will be a separate linkage status for each breed.

In order to be considered linked, a breeder must do two things;

  1. Share genetic (rams) with another linked flock
  2. Weighing the subsequent progeny

Click here for more detailed information on genetic linkage.

Linkage letters are being posted to LambPlus breeders today



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