Weekly Update: 11/08/17

Sheep Ireland Multi-Breed LambPlus Ram Sale – Saturday 26th August Tullamore

  • We wish to remind breeders that the deadline for entries for the Sheep Ireland Multi-Breed LambPlus Ram
    sale is this coming Monday 14th August 2017. Please be aware after this date we cannot allow entries to be
    accepted. If breeders are concerned that their entries will not be returned in time we will accept a photocopy
    of the entry form by email before the close of business on Monday.
  • A copy of the entry form can be obtained from our website by clicking here. The sale entry criteria will also
    be contained in this document. Substitute rams will be accepted until Monday the 21st August. The
    catalogue will be available on our website the week prior to the sale and also as a hard copy on the day of
    the sale.


  • We are always looking for pictures of rams and this would be a good way to advertise your ram before the
    sale. If you are interested in sending us in a picture we may put it up on Facebook with the breeder name
    and lot number for the sale. We may also use these pictures to advertise this sale.
  • If interested please forward pictures to query@sheep.ie titled Ram Pic.

Mayo Breeding Sheep Event

  • This week Teagasc held a Farm Walk on Joe Scahill’s farm in Westport and this was attended by our own
    Eamon Wall. There were various topics covered including grassland management, sheep health and sheep
    breeding. It drew a good crowd and proved to be a very informative day for all involved.
  • This year Sheep Ireland offered a free parentage recording service for hill sheep groups, interested in
    parentage recording. Parentage recording is the first step for hill groups interested in performance
    recording, this is vital to build ancestry data which gives us more information on the bloodlines that are
    performing the best for them. This also allows breeders to avoid some cases of potential inbreeding.
  • The setting up of flock-books for these hill groups would also prove very beneficial as this would allow
    animals to be pedigree registered and would facilitate the tracking of animal movements.
  • Sheep Ireland will continue to encourage the establishment of parentage recording programmes. For any
    new hill breeders that are interested in parentage recording you can contact us and we will get your flock
    information loaded onto the Sheep Ireland system. For any breeders that have recorded lambing
    information this year it is not too late to submit this data. This data can still be entered on your personal
    Sheep Ireland online account and can also be sent to us to be uploaded if necessary.

Below are pictures of the farm walk: Joe Scahill’s farm, Westport, Co. Mayo.