Weekly Update: 10/11/17

Deadline for LambPlus Sign-ups 2018

Our LambPlus sign-up forms for 2018 have been circulated and we wish to remind breeders that the
deadline for the receipt of the sign-up forms is Friday 1stDecember. The deadline will be strictly enforced,
any application received after this date will not be considered under any circumstances. We will be sending
out reminder texts to current LambPlus breeders prior to this deadline. Breed societies will also be in contact
with their members to remind them.

What are the benefits of becoming a LambPlus member?

  • €uro-Star Evaluations – These evaluations provide you and your customers with additional information
    relating to the genetic potential of the animal when making breeding decisions. This can help set your
    flock apart from non-recording flocks
  • Flock Reports/Management – There are a number of reports available to help present your flocks
    performance, such as €uro-Star profiles, Lambing Report, inbreeding checker and Ram/growth Report to
    name but a few.
  • Ram Search – Members of LambPlus will be included on the Sheep Ireland Online Ram Search. The
    number of search on the ram search grew by 14% last year and is proving to be a great tool to assist
    breeders in promoting their rams.
  • Increased number of potential sales – Each year there are a number of sales around the country run by
    various groups and societies that are restricted solely to LambPlus recorded flocks, these sales are growing
    in popularity each year and can be an additional outlet for your ram sales.
  • Fulfilling Society Requirements – By performance recording your flock through LambPlus, breeders of
    Belclare, Beltex, Galway, Rouge de l’Ouest, Texel & Vendeen sheep will also be fulfilling their society
    requirements for birth notifying lambs.

Upcoming Regional Meetings

Sheep Ireland wish to welcome all LambPlus and non LambPlus Pedigree breeders to our upcoming regional
meetings. This will be a very informative event discussing the Irish sheep breed improvement scheme and
what exactly our LambPlus service has to offer and how it will benefit Pedigree/Commercial breeders alike.