Weekly Update: 08/12/17

CPT Ram Update

All breeders have received a letter this week letting them know how their ram performed throughout the CPT. Also as part of our ongoing effort to try and promote the CPT and help the farmers that are involved in the programme, we have developed a cert that breeders can display at shows and sales. This certificate shows that breeders had a stock ram involved in Sheep Ireland’s national progeny test programme. Please see example of certificate.

LambPlus Sign-ups 2018

The LambPlus sign-up deadline has passed. The number of breeders that have signed up for the 2018 season looks to be on a par with last year’s figures which is encouraging. Final figures are not yet available as we are still processing sign-up forms. A full summary will be included in next week’s update.

Lambing Notebooks

We hope to send out Lambing Notebooks to all breeders in the coming days once we have gone through all
the sign-up forms. We are aware that some breeds are at the point of lambing and will prioritise these breeds

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