Weekly Update: 15/12/17

LambPlus Sign-Ups 2018

Over the past few weeks hundreds of LambPlus Sign-Up Forms have been received and processed. Once
again, the number of flocks that have signed up for LambPlus for 2018 has increased. This year has seen a
total of 700 flocks signed up to participate in LambPlus for the coming year. This is an encouraging
revelation, considering there is no Department of Agriculture scheme in place for 2018 to encourage
commercial farmers to buy performance recorded rams. The increase in numbers is testament to the attitude
of Pedigree Sheep Breeders around the country, who are buying into the process of performance recording
their lambs. Pedigree Breeders are beginning to see that commercial farmers are placing more emphasis on
the €uro-Star indexes, which is also reflected in the increase in flocks signing up for the coming year.

Cork East Regional Sheep Seminar

This week we attended a Teagasc mart event in Fermoy where we got a chance to promote and explain the
genetic indexes. We see these as pivotal events to keep educating commercial sheep farmers.

Ram Plus Conception rates

Provisional Ram plus conception rates are looking positive with conception rates between 75% and 81%.
This will be a positive note for the ram plus scheme in 2018.