Over the past three years, Sheep Ireland have been recording Ewe Milk, Lamb Vigour and Mothering-Ability, during CPT Lambing. The data recorded from these traits will further enhance Sheep Irelands aim of finding and promoting the best sheep genetics in the country.   LambPlus farmers now have the opportunity to record these traits. The traits can be recorded into the Sheep Ireland Flock Notebook, and subsequently recorded on the Lambing Management page on the website. Details of the traits, and how to record them are described below.

Ewe Milk: Measuring how milky a ewe is at lambing time.


Lamb Vigour: Measuring how active a lamb is at birth and how quick the lamb is ‘up to suck’ after lambing. All lambs should be scored individually.


Ewe Mothering-Ability: Measuring how interested a ewe is in her lambs and how protective she is of her lambs after lambing.