Weekly Update: 12/01/18

Lambing Experience Available

As we prepare for the busy lambing period on our 4 Central Progeny Test (CPT) flocks, we are pleased to offer lambing experience to students who may be interested. With over 2100 ewe’s due to lamb down within a short period of time, the CPT lambing proves to be a huge learning opportunity for students. Throughout the lambing period students will get hands on experience which will in no doubt benefit them if they wish to further their career within the Sheep sector. They will also collect very important lambing data that will feed in to the national genetic €uroStar evaluations while using the latest recording technology to do so.

Anyone interested in gaining some lambing experience can contact Sheep Ireland on 023 882 0451 or email query@sheep.ie. The lambing period across our 4 CPT flocks takes place for the duration of March.


Career opportunity within Sheep Ireland for a Technical Support Role

Final reminder for applications for the Technical Support role within Sheep Ireland. The Closing Date of Thursday January 18th is fast approaching. This would be a fantastic opportunity for someone to improve upon and broaden their range of skills and be part of an ambitious, hard-working team. For more information regarding the job description and requirements please see here.

New Lambing Traits being collected

We are now collecting new traits at lambing time; these are Ewe Milk, Ewe Mothering-Ability and Lamb Vigour. Explanations of these new traits and how you should score them is listed in breeders Flock Recording Notebooks, you can also see here for more information regarding these traits and other traits we collect at lambing time.

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