Finalist for the “Most improved LambPlus Flock 2018”: Simon Brown – Cloghala Charollais (A2)

The Cloghala Charollais flock was one of the very first Charollais flocks to be established in the country way back in 1989. Simon has been an active member of the LambPlus program since 2012.

Over the course of the year, Simon accumulated an excellent DQI of 83%. A practise that enables Simon to performance record his flock so intensively is the tagging of his lambs at birth, with the official NSIS tags.

Simon routinely uses Rams with high indexes as his stock rams and this can be seen by the genetic gain his flock has made in recent years. The average accuracy% of Simon’s 2018 lambs is 41.4% while in the last 4 years Simon’s flock has made gains of €2.09 on the Replacement Index and €0.70 on the Terminal Index.

Simon places great faith in the €uro-Stars as ‘The €uro-Stars provide valuable information on how a ram is going to perform’. This is extremely important for Simon, as it ensure his customers are happy.

Influential Sires:

One of the most influential sires that Simon has used is Cloghala Jeremy. Cloghala Jeremy, a home bred Ram with CPT Data influencing his Indexes, has 5 stars on both the Replacement & Terminal Index, being in the Top 4% & Top 6% of the breed respectively. Tinraheen Jay, Carriganeela Cracker & Kilronan High Five have all been influential in driving the rate of genetic gain in Simons flock in recent years.