Data Quality Index (DQI)- What is it and Why is it Important?

Data Quality Index (DQI)- What is it and Why is it Important?

DQI – What is it?

The Data Quality Index (DQI) is simply how much and how good the data is you are uploading to the Sheep Ireland database is over a given year. The DQI reflects three aspects of your data recording such as timeliness, completeness and quality of recording.

DQI – Why is it Important?

Data needs to be recorded on the database in a prompt manner to minimize significant movements in the €urostar’s of animals later in the season, making their evaluations more accurate. DQI illustrates how engaged breeders are in the genetic evaluations and the €urostar system as a whole. Purchasing animals from a breeder with a high DQI reassures buyers that the €urostars generated for this animal are accurate as the breeder has met Sheep Ireland’s desired data required for accurate evaluations.


A common question from breeders is “what has changed between today and 1 week ago? I have not inputted information on a particular ram? Why has he jumped in his €urostars?”. The answer to this question is; if this ram was shared by several breeders, one breeder may input data straight away and giving as much details as possible (giving them a high DQI -) where another breeder may not input data until one month after the event occurred and with very little detail (retrieving low a DQI). This then affects the €urostars of that particular ram, as a flood of in information is processed in the genetic evaluation – this may cause the €urostars to increase or decrease or in some cases the €urostars may stay the same.


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