Genotyping and Parentage Results Update

Genotyping and Parentage Results Update

Parentage predictions now possible

Sheep Ireland are now in a position to predict the correct sire and/or dam in cases where incorrect parentage has been identified through genotyping. These predictions can only happen when a genotype of the correct sire and/or dam is available on the Sheep Ireland database. This highlights the importance and value of genotyping as many of our pedigree sheep population as possible.

Genotyping Update

Through the OviGen project we now have over 15,000 pedigree and 9,000 commercial sheep genotyped. With the increase of animals genotyped it is inevitable there will be changes to parentage results and ancestry. As part of our research in OviGen we have identified that across pedigree animals 10% of sires and 8% of dams are incorrect but the good news is in 35% of these cases we can now predict the correct parent, due to the availability of a genotype on the correct sire/dam. However, there are still many parentage errors that cannot be predicted, which leaves these pedigree animals with unknown ancestry.

Where can I find my updated parentage results?

We have now updated your online ‘Genomic Results’ profiles with up to date parentage results and where possible parentage predictions.

To access these results:

  1. Login to your Sheep Ireland account
  2. Go to the reports drop down and select Genomic Results
  3. Results will appear for animals that have been DNA tested and are currently in your flock.
  4. To view results for animals that were tested in your flock previously that have since been marked as sold/dead a download option to download all animal’s results is available

What do the new results mean?

Sheep Ireland and breed societies have an obligation to provide accurate €uroStar evaluations and pedigree data to farmers and so we need to take action where parentage conflicts are identified. Decisions on how we will handle parentage errors will be made in conjunction with breed societies within the coming weeks.

We have made the decision to allow breeders access their updated results before providing breed societies with a list of all parentage errors for their respective breed. We would appreciate if you could take some time to examine these results, especially if you have any animals where the sire/dam is a mismatch. Sheep Ireland will contact all breeders about a 2019 genotyping service as soon as plans are finalised with our new lab service provider.

If you have any queries regarding parentage mismatches we would encourage to get in contact with us on 023 8820451 or email

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