CPT Lambing 2020 is Well Underway!

CPT Lambing 2020 is Well Underway!

All Central Progeny Test flocks have now started their lambing. All ewes lambing down have their lambing difficulty recorded as well as their milk ability and mothering ability. Special care and attention is taken when recording fosters and pets and all lambs are accounted for, using pen boards helps with this, eliminating data recording errors as much as possible.  Lamb vigour, weight, sex, DOB as well as the sire and dam are being recorded on all lambs born. All this data is being inputted through Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus App which has significantly eased the burden of recording during  this very intensive compact lambing period. This App is available to download by all LambPlus members and is highly recommended to use during the busy lambing season (Click here to watch a video on how to record lambing events using the App).

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Have a look below at some of the activities taking place so far from CPT Farms lambing 2020:


Want to know what our CPT Project is all about?

See a short video here of Sheep Ireland’s Sean Godfrey explaining about what is involved!