CPT Update

CPT Update

So far across 3 CPT flocks – John Large, Andrew Moloney and James Naper, there has been nearly 950 ewes lambed down. CPT farmer Brian Nicholson will be hitting the 147 days of gestation this coming weekend with a busy week ahead at his farm. The rate of mortality across the Large, Moloney and Naper is on average 3.4% which is good. The number of ram and ewe lambs born is close to level with the number of ewe lambs born slightly higher across all farms, great news for the number of replacement ewes per flock. The weather this week is proving difficult in getting ewes and lambs out on grass ahead of the long weekend, leaving them some inside for longer than anticipated.

See below for some snaps taken out on farm this week.

See below picture, John Large’s ewe IE044267017847G mated with Charollais ram LISFUNCHEON EDWARD bred by Edmond & Paul Gorman of Tipperary. She had a set of quintuplets and amazingly they all survived and are healthy and strong.












Seen below video, James Naper, Co Meath has some of his ewes and lambs out on grass this week.

The ewe seen below (IE043792616365B) was bred it Andrew Moloney’s CPT farm. This 5 Star ewe bred by Charollais Bawnard Hulk had 2 lambs by Suffolk Bawnard The Rebel that averaged 7.2kg last night. The ewe received slight assistance but both lambs were up and tying to suck in under 5 minutes. All data helping to improve the accuracy of the EuroStar Evaluations.


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