Breeding Workshop Johnstown, Kilkenny Tues 9th July

Breeding Workshop Johnstown, Kilkenny Tues 9th July

Sheep Ireland in conjunction with Teagasc our second Sheep Breeding Workshop of 2019 Tues 9th July, on the Central Progeny Test (CPT) farm of Brian Nicholoson in Johnstown, County Kilkenny. Brian has almost 1200 breeding ewes having increased his flock size for the past number of years now. Brian is also a participant in the Teagasc Better farm programme, he has been steadily implementing the latest technologies in sheep farming on his holding. Through the use of EID and electronic data recording systems Brian is monitoring ewe performance on farm. Grass measuring, reseeding and adding paddock sub-divisions are all practices being used by Brian to maximise grass production and utilisation. Brian first became involved in the CPT in Autumn 2014. There was a great turn out at this event with up to 100 attendees, with approximately 70% being pedigree breeders and 30% commercial breeders. The event began at 7pm and catered for both pedigree ram breeders and commercial sheep farmers, with tailored material for both groups. See advert below for the full listing of events and topics of discussion that will be taking place.

One of the main topics of conversation on the evening was; high index rams deliver more profit for farmers and are building a relationship between breeders and farmers which is essential.

See some snapshots of the event below.

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