Record Your Health and Weights Data Using the LambPlus App!
John Prendergast's sheep forming an orderly queue, waiting for their for inspection

Record Your Health and Weights Data Using the LambPlus App!

Recording Inspections on the LambPlus App

Sheep Ireland are currently updating to a newer version of the LambPlus App with modifications and testing currently underway. Sheep Ireland have taken into consideration all the feedback from LambPlus users since the first version of our app was launched. Currently breeders can record their health data under the heading ‘Inspections’ however when the new version of the app is released, recording your inspections can be found under the heading ‘Health & Weights’. This is the time of year when rams are being readied to go out with ewes (on commercial farms) and next years crop of replacement ewe lambs have been selected, so its the ideal time to inspect and record health data on all animals. Using the LambPlus App makes the practice of recording performance data much easier for breeders.

Recording Inspections on the Website

On this screen breeders can record their health data as well as their weights. Any incidences of lameness, mastitis (females only), prolapse (female only) or laryngeal chrondritis can be recorded as well as body condition and dag scores. The management group of the animal (ie outdoor vs indoor) can also be recorded. After logging in, breeders should go to the management tab, click on inspections and a data of inspection must be entered. Once the date is entered, there is a choice to select only lambs, ewes and rams and the animal’s ID can be typed into the search bar. The details of the animals can then be entered here, once satisfied that all data on all inspected animals has been entered, the preview animals tab at the top right of the screen needs to be selected and all details of animals need to be confirmed before being moved out of the flock.

Take a look at the video below on how to use the health and weight ‘inspections’ screen


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