Download Sheep Ireland’s latest Version of the LambPlus App

Download Sheep Ireland’s latest Version of the LambPlus App

Sheep Ireland developed the LambPlus App over one year ago and have spent countless hours implementing and incorporating feedback from users to improve the user ability of the application. Sheep Ireland encourages users to give as much feedback as possible to further improve the app in the future. In order to maximise efficiency of the application, feedback is essential.

When the app was first launched in 2018, lambing information and weights were the only events that could be recorded. Now mating and lambing information, weights and health data (mastitis, lameness, BCS, dag scores etc) as well as pregnancy scans can all be recorded instantly via your smartphone. Not only does using the App make performance recording much easier, it meets desired sustainability measures set out by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine by reducing the carbon footprint associated with paper recording. By using the App you can reduce carbon impacts by not using paper as resource for performance recording.

To get further instructions on using the app and frequently asked questions click here

Any queries regarding how to download the app and some advice on how to use it contact Sheep Ireland at 023 882 0451 or email any queries to

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