‘Thesis in Three’ – ICBF and Sheep Ireland Genetics Conference

‘Thesis in Three’ – ICBF and Sheep Ireland Genetics Conference

The ICBF & Sheep Ireland Genetics Conference took place on Friday 17th of January 2020 in the Heritage Hotel, Killenard, Co. Laois. There was an array of insightful presentations given on the day which can be found here (link to all presentations here). 

As part of the line up, there were three students who gave a synopsis of current research they are undertaking in 3 minutes. All three Phd students are conducting research with Teagasc, Edel O’Connor, Nichola Fetherstone and Shauna Fitzmaurice were the three students selected to present their findings so far in their research.

It is vital that as an industry we are aware of the next generation of research that is underway and to support it with every chance we get. It is research just like what we see here that will be impacting how we drive the industry forward to be more effecient in years to come.

Edel O’Connor presented her topic titled ‘Selecting Sheep for Reduced Methane Emissions’ – to view Edel’s presentation click here

Nicola Fetherstone, who was last years winner of the Brian Wicham Best Poster Award, presented her topic titled ‘Genetic Benefits of Using High Genetic Merit Rams from New Zealand or Ireland in the Irish Sheep Industry’ – to view Nicola’s presentation click here.

Shauna Fitzmaurice presented her topic titled ‘Development of International Genetic Evaluations in Sheep’ – to view her presentation click here.