€uroStar Profile Guide

€uroStar Profile

The Bar Charts

All of the bar charts are interactive. To begin with they represent all the animals in the flock and from here you can select your desired sheep. Example: To select which ewe lambs to keep as replacements for the year ahead you must first select female, born in the current year, and the breed of the lamb (if more than one breed is present in the flock). Once you have done this the list of animals below the bar chart will reflect the search criteria imputed into the bar charts. You can also refine your sear further by only selecting animals with curtained €uroStars (eg must be 3,4 or 5 star replacements). To select specific stars click and drag the mouse over the bars that represent the desired stars.    Reset All: By clicking on this button this will remove all search criteria entered on the bar charts and return them to the full flock Accuracy%:  The accuracy percentage for each index and trait can be seen by hovering over the coloured corner of each evaluation. You will see that these are also colour coded, going from a dark red (V. Poor accuracy) to deep green (V. Good accuracy). Rank: By hovering over the Stars of an animal you will notice a percentile is displayed. If an animal is in the 1st percentile it is in the Bottom 1% of the breed for that index/trait, if an animal is in the 100th percentile it is in the Top 1% of the breed for that index/trait.

How do I print my results?

There are two options for printing your €uroStars.

  1. Once you have inputted your selection criteria using the bar charts you can print the list off animals in your flock that fit that criteria by “Right click” the mouse and select print from the menu that appears.
  2. The second option is to select the “Download all data“. For most users the first option will be the most satisfactory, depending on what software is on your computer. Once you have saved the file in excel you can then search, filter and print as you please


 Why am I seeing “-999” values?

eurostar_999   If you see a row of values like that in the image, that means the EuroStar values have been withheld for one of the following reasons:

  • The official NSIS has not been recorded in the Sheep Ireland database.
  • The animal was created in the Sheep Ireland database after the annual cut off date.
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