Order Genotypes for Your Lambs Today!

Order Genotypes for Your Lambs Today!

Flocks can now order genotypes via their Genomic ordering screen in order to parentage verify their lambs. Once genotypes have been ordered tissue sample tags should arrive in the post 3-5 working days later. The cost of each genotype has been subsidised from €24.50 to €15.00.  Since the beginning of 2019,  nearly 2,000 genotypes have been ordered by breeders, showing an increasing demand for genotyping. We would encourage anyone who would like to have their ram lambs parentage verified at this subsidised rate prior to sales to do so ASAP.

Sheep Ireland would also strongly recommend that any stock rams on the farm that are not currently genotyped be done so immediately as this will help to correct any potential parentage errors found in your flock in future. You can check if your stock ram is genotyped or not though your Sheep Ireland account and going to Genomic Ordering and checking the genotyping status of the animal there.

Click here to find out why parentage assignment is important. To find out how genotypes are handled and the timeline of the genptyping process click here.

Please have a look at the video below which demonstrates 10 steps on how to order genotypes via genomic ordering screen via your Sheep Ireland account. To read about the steps below click here and look at answers to frequently asked question.



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