Updated Weighing Screen on Sheep Ireland Website!

Updated Weighing Screen on Sheep Ireland Website!

Sheep Ireland are continuously trying to ensure recording screens are more user-friendly relying significantly on feedback from breeders and other users such as flockbook administrators. These improvements are made to help breeders to review and revise their information as effectively and efficiently as possible to enable them to make more informed decisions in a promptly manner.

We recently updated the ‘Health & Weights’ recording screen as see below in image 1. Previously you could record your health data and weights in the ‘Health & Weights’ screen and where you wanted to record weights of animals only you had to go to the ‘Weighing’ screen. There no longer is the ‘Weighing’ screen option under ‘Management’ in your account. When you wish to record the weights of animals only, please go to the ‘Health & Weight’ recording screen under ‘Management’, input the date that you weighed your animals (point 1 on graph) and the list of animals appear automatically at this stage (see image 2), however you still need to tick the box stating ‘I’m only recording weights’ to get the minimised recording option of weights only (see image 3).


Image 1
Image 2 

Image 3

If there are any queries or feedback on this new weighing screen option please do not hesitate to contact Sheep Ireland on 023 882 0154 or email query@sheep.ie.