Have Your Say on Europe’s Latest Sheep Research Project: EuroSheep.

Have Your Say on Europe’s Latest Sheep Research Project: EuroSheep.

EuroSheep continues the dynamic knowledge exchange between stakeholders in the European sheep sector that was initiated by SheepNet. SheepNet produced 218 technical articles and videos including 42 solutions and 73 ‘tips and tricks’ on factors impacting ewe productivity all of which are available on the SheepNet website (www.sheepnet.network). The SheepNet knowledge reservoir provides the technical and practical knowledge required to improve sheep productivity and profitability across the EU.

EuroSheep is a thematic network funded by the European Union and will last for three years. The objective of Eurosheep is to improve the viability of sheep production by improving technical performance through improved management of flock health and nutrition. Whilst the network consists of eight countries (Ireland, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Turkey) EuroSheep is open to all stakeholders and sheep producers within the EU.

The first task for EuroSheep is to identify the main challenges and needs of the stakeholders in each country to improve profitability through flock health and nutrition management. EuroSheep has developed a survey targeted at sheep farmers and other stakeholders, (e.g. vets, advisors, consultants, researchers) to identify their challenges and needs in terms of flock health and nutrition management.

The survey involves a series of questions on flock health and nutrition challenges for breeding ewes, replacements, and growing and finishing lambs. Potential challenges and needs to improving nutrition include concentrate and mineral supplementation, grassland management, silage and forage crop production etc. Some of the challenges and needs to improving animal health include internal parasites, abortion, iceberg diseases, mastitis etc. Subsequently EuroSheep will provide solutions to the needs and challenges identified using existing information form the eight member countries and from technical and scientific literature. All solutions will be provided with the objective of improving the profitability of the sheep sector.

You can have your say on what you feel the biggest challenges and needs are for the Irish sheep industry by completing the survey here: