Muscle and Fat Scanning Cancelled for 2020

Muscle and Fat Scanning Cancelled for 2020

Due to the restrictions that has been put in place as a result of Covid-19, Muscle and Fat (M&F) scanning of pedigree lambs has not been able to commence as normal for the 2020 season. As we are now in the first week of June we have decided not to carry out any M&F scanning for 2020 as such a high proportion of the recording flocks would not be able to access the service and perhaps putting their flock at a disadvantage in the sales ring.

How to reduce the impact of not scanning

While flocks will not be M&F scanning this year, it is still important that all flocks still record a 150 day (scanning) weight. To see the best dates to weigh the lambs in your flock click here. This 150 day weight is still part of the DQI and an important weight in the evaluations.

Impact on the DQI

The DQI points traditionally allocated to M&F scanning will be removed from the DQI ahead of the sale season with those points being distributed amongst the remaining elements of the index. This will ensure that no flock will have its DQI negatively impacted for not M&F scanning this year.

Impact on the LambPlus Sale entry criteria

While the exact format and size of this years sale is still under consideration as the Covid-19 conditions evolve we can say that M&F scanning in 2020 will not be an entry criteria for the LambPlus Sale, instead we will use 2019 M&F scanning as an entry criteria. We are working with the Tullamore Mart to come up with the best solution to maximise the number to buyers and sellers while also taking the social distancing protocols into account for everyone’s safety.