2021 is of to a strong start for LambPlus

2021 is of to a strong start for LambPlus

LambPlus memberships have broken new records again, with the number of flocks performance recording with LambPlus increasing year on year since 2010.  The percentage of flocks signed up to LambPlus for 2021 has risen by 15% compared to 2020.

This is a very positive message for the Irish Sheep Industry as this has multiple implications.

  1. It shows that more and more breeders are seeing the benefit of performance recording their flocks
  2. More flocks performance recording mean more rams with Euro-Stars will be available for commercial farmers to select from in 2021
  3. More flocks recording means more data will be flowing into the EuroStar evaluations each week which will result in more accurate evaluations for everyone.

The Texel breed remains the largest performance recording breed in LambPlus with an excess of 280 of Texel Society members now signed up to LambPlus. The breed with the greatest increase in the percentage of flocks participating is the Mayo-Connemara, which has seen the number of LambPlus flocks increase by 90%.

Its no surprise to see the counties with the greatest level of participation in LambPlus are along the western sea-board where the majority of the sheep in Ireland are held. With LambPlus flocks in every county, farmers shouldn’t have to travel to far in 2021 to pick up their next Five-Star ram.

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