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What traits are measured, when, how and why?

LambPlus is the performance recording service provided by Sheep Ireland to all Pedigree ram breeders in Ireland. LambPlus aims to collect as much performance information on pedigree sheep as possible for use in the Sheep Ireland genetic evaluations.

LambPlus breeders have access to a number of useful tools once they become members. These tools include:

  • An online recording system which allows breeders to maintain and update their flock inventory, mating and lambing records
  • Recording notebooks to capture all necessary performance data
  • An ultrasound scanning service which measures eye muscle and fat depth as well as a liveweight, at  approximately 140-150 days of age
  • Genetic evaluations which are updated on a weekly basis from May until October to reflect the most accurate information available to the Sheep Ireland database
  • Inclusion on an online Ram Search available on This on-line Ram Search will act as a huge marketing tool for LambPlus breeders as demand for performance recorded rams grows. The ram search has had over 38,000 hits in the previous year.
  • Access to performance recorded ram sales including the annual Sheep Ireland ram sale which is held in Tullamore each year held on a Saturday at the end of August. Evaluations also appear on many other Sales catalogues throughout the year. See reports here.

The LambPlus service is under continual development and many new and exciting plans are under way for the coming 2016/17 season. Among these plans are:

  • Continued development of the new look Sheep Ireland website and recording web screens
  • Continue to work with breeders to collect more DNA and data for the OVIGEN project
  • Further improvements to our On-line Ram Search
  • Finalising the details of the Sheep Ireland ‘Health Index’ with a view to launching this index in 2017
  • Continuing to build relations between the Sheep Ireland database and lamb slaughter plants in an effort to capture a greater amount of lamb carcase data.

How to join

To join LambPlus, download and complete the LambPlus Sign Up Form 2020 (pdf) and return it to: LambPlus, Sheep Ireland, Highfield House, Shinagh, Bandon, Co.Cork with a completed Inventory of the animals in your flock before December 1st.

Lo-Call 1850 601 901

LambPlus Participation to date

When LambPlus begun in 2009 there were only 87 breeders involved in the scheme from 5 different breed societies. This has since risen to just over 700 breeders involved in the scheme from a total of 23 different breeds, however 10 of these participating breeds have 5 or less breeders involved in the scheme therefore limiting the potential that genetic evaluations could have on the breed. This huge increase in numbers now means that this is the largest breed improvement programme to have taken place in Ireland. This shows that pedigree sheep breeders now see the potential that genetic evaluations can play in the continued improvement of their flock and their breed as a whole. They have no doubt also taken confidence from the progress made on the cattle side which has made huge progress since the beginning of ICBF in 2002.

Breakdown of LambPlus breeders – 2018

Below is the breakdown of LambPlus breeders by breed and by county for 2018.





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