You are currently viewing Want to sell SIS Hill rams? 75% increased demand in 2024!

Want to sell SIS Hill rams? 75% increased demand in 2024!

Demand for Sire verified Hill rams & scrapie type 1, 2, or 3, is predicted to dramatically increase this season.

Breeders can expect an earlier and higher demand, so Sheep Ireland strongly recommends genotyping immediately any rams you intend to sell.

SIS eligible rams are in high demand since the launch of the SIS scheme, giving Hill breeders a great market opportunity. As a reminder of the scheme requirement for the genotyped ram purchase task, Hill rams must be DNA sire verified (& scrapie type 1, 2, or 3) by Sheep Ireland to be SIS eligible.

Leave nothing for tomorrow that can be done today!

Order your genotypes now.

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Information needed:

  • Your flock details: number, name, email, phone number, address, Eircode.
  • Full rams’ NSIS (Department tag- e.g. IE0412345 00123A).
  • DOB (Year of birth is sufficient if DOB is not known).
  • Breed.


Also you can submit your details through our WhatsApp number 083 2063734, or through our email [email protected].



It is important that breeders allow enough time for getting the genomic results (4 weeks after taking the tissue sample). 

Hill Breeding Groups

Hill Breeding Groups have been working together with Sheep Ireland taking action to support the farmer’s requirements for the Sheep Improvement Scheme (SIS).

There are 17 Hill Groups actively working in genotyping rams for the SIS since 2023. Breeding groups are in the process of organizing more DNA collection days for the coming weeks.

Breeders who wish to avail of genotyping their rams via a DNA collection days should contact their group representative.

See Hill Groups contact details (click here)