Weekly Update: 04/09/2015

A ram report has been launched for all LambPlus members. This report displays all the rams used in the flock for the previous 6 years. For these rams the following figures are provided:

  • The number of lambs assigned to the ram in your flock each year
  • The total number of lambs assigned to that sire on the database
  • The average birth weight
  • The average adjusted* 40 day weight (40 days)
  • The average adjusted* weaning weight (100 days)
  • The average adjusted* scanning weight (150 days)
  • The ADG from birth to scanning.

*weights are adjusted to 40, 100 and 150 days of age based on the closest recorded weight from that period. These adjusted weights are still based on raw data and do not take into consideration litter size, management groups etc. and therefore are only for breeders own interest.

LambPlus members can find there Ram Reports under the Reports menu at the top of the page. The first image below is an example of what the ram report looks like, and the second image is an example of the advanced look at an animal’s performance across his lifetime. For more information LambPlus members can click on the Help button located on the top right of the screen.Ram report

Sourcing CPT Rams

We have started calling breeders this week in order to establish a first draft list of the possible candidates to enter the CPT this year. In order for a ram to be eligible to enter the CPT he must have at least 5 Stars on the Replacement index with a good accuracy and be from a flock with a good DQI along with several other criteria. We are aiming to have a panel of 32 rams selected in the following weeks. These rams will be mated with 2,500 commercial ewes using artificial insemination over the period of 8 days, this means that all lambs are lambing down under the same conditions and it makes it easier to compare the performance of all the sires. This will result in a substantial increase in the ram’s accuracy and that of his progeny also, resulting in more stable evaluations for your flock and breed.