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Weekly Update: 23/10/2015

LambPlus Regional Meetings

The annual LambPlus regional meetings have been set for 2015 (Dates and venues below). A strong attendance is critical at these meetings. The current sheep breed improvement is by no means the ‘finished article’, but we can only make progress through active engagement with the countries pedigree ram breeders and commercial farmers.


A number of changes will be implemented to the LambPlus service in 2016 as a result of both farmer and breeder feedback and these will be presented at each meeting.

Sheep Ireland will also be demonstrating the new website screens at each meeting. The new screens are designed to be more user friendly and therefore will help to increase the quantity and quality of the data recorded.

Meeting Date LocationVenueTime of Meeting
11th NovemberMallow Hibernian Hotel 7:30pm
12th NovemberKilkenny New Park Hotel 7:30pm
16th NovemberBallybofeyJacksons Hotel 7:30pm
17th NovemberNavanNewgrange Hotel 7:30pm
18th NovemberTuamArd Rí House Hotel 7:30pm


CPT AI Programme

The CPT AI programme concluded on Tuesday, October 20th on the farm of Brian Nicholson, Co Kilkenny. Brian is also a regular contributor to the Irish Farmers Journal. This week there is a large article detailing activities on his farm over the past two weeks, regarding the CPT programme.

You can watch a video that was created by the Irish Farmers Journal here. In this video, a step by step explaination is given by Veterinarian Ronan Gallagher, detailing the procedure needed when AI’ing sheep on the CPT flocks.