Weekly Update: 16/12/16

LambPlus Lambing Notebooks 2017

  • This week we began posting out the LambPlus lambing notebooks. This notebook is an invaluable tool for sheep breeders to capture the required performance data on their flocks. Some very large flocks are now choosing data recording software packages (handhelds) to capture information on their flocks, but for the majority of LambPlus flocks the lambing notebook suffices their needs.
  • A very useful tip when using this lambing notebook is to take a photograph of each completed page on a mobile phone during the lambing period. This will be a very valuable safety net in the event of the notebook getting lost or damaged. A complete loss of valuable data will be avoided.



LambPlus Breeder Numbers 2017

Our final 2017 LambPlus membership translates into a 12.5% growth on last year, which is good for everyone involved in the sheep industry – ram breeders and commercial sheep farmers.