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An Opportunity to Highlight your Flock

Last year Sheep Ireland carried out several case studies on how accurately the €uro-Stars can predict the
pregnancy scanning results in performance recording flocks, and the results were extremely encouraging and got a lot of attention on the Sheep Ireland website and social media. You can find these case studies here.

Breeders can currently record pregnancy scan results via their Sheep Ireland online account (see how to here). As this is an optional trait to record in 2017 Sheep Ireland is willing to help breeders with recording this trait as much as possible.Breeders can either telephone Sheep Ireland (023 8820451) and give the results over the telephone or send us a picture(Including ewe ID and number of embryos) via their smart phone to [email protected] or record the information online themselves.

Your flock maybe highlighted on the Sheep Ireland website and elsewhere which will be good publicity for
you and your flock. Before any results are published Sheep Ireland will seek the breeders permission to do