Weekly Update: 11/05/18

M&F Scanning Correlation

This week, Sheep Irelands Muscle and Fat Scanning Technicians came together to have a correlation day. The Muscle and Fat Scanning is a huge source of data for Sheep Ireland. The purpose of holding the Muscle and Fat Scanning Correlation day is to ensure that the Scanning Technicians are very consistent with the measurements they are taking.


Weaning Weights

At this stage, early lambing flocks should now have taken a weaning weight for their lambs. Breeders should enter the weaning weights of the lambs in a timely manner, to achieve a good DQI Score. It is important for breeders to note, that a lamb requires a weight to be taken in each weight bracket in order for the lamb to receive accurate €uro-Star evaluations. For more Information on when lambs should be
weighed click here.

CPT 40-Day Weights

  • As well as recording a weight for all CPT Ewes and Lambs, a Health Inspection was also carried out. This Health Inspection includes a Dag Score and Body Condition Score as well as incidences of Lameness and Mastitis being recorded.
  • Dag Score: Over 2500 CPT Lambs were scored for Dagginess during the process of the 40-Day Weighing, and there were some significant results showing up. Lambs that were recorded with dags (Score 1, 2 & 3; 26% of lambs) averaged 16.8kg while lambs that were scored as clean (Score 4 & 5) averaged 18.4kg.
  • Similarly, the recording of Lameness showed interesting results. 8% of all lambs recorded showed signs of lameness, and on average these lambs were 0.4kg lighter at 40 days. These results are currently being used in the Health Index, which is part of both the Replacement and Terminal Index. We would encourage LambPlus breeders to carry out at least one, if not two Health Inspections every year. The ideal time to do a Health Inspection is at weaning or mating. The Health Inspection can now be recorded using the LambPlus App, as well as on the website. For more information on the Health Inspection please click here.