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Numbers for RamPlus 2018 close to becoming finalized

Sheep Ireland in conjunction with breed societies is running RamPlus for this mating season. LambPlus breeders have been offered the opportunity to use frozen semen of past CPT sires ram through the RamPlus programme. Due to limited availability of valuable frozen CPT semen, Sheep Ireland limited the number of semen doses allocated per breeder. Breeders choose multiple rams to be used and were required to use between 6 & 10 ewes per flock to be inseminated. In order to create linkage between LambPlus flocks, it is necessary to have at least 3 lambs born and performance recorded, on each participating flock (while obviously we hope for a successful AI across all flocks, there will inevitably be variation in the conception rates, which will impact on lamb numbers).Numbers have now been finalized for some of the breeds with AI to commence next week.