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Sale Report – Sheep Ireland Elite €uroStar Multi-Breed Sale 2018

Sheep Ireland’s 8th Annual Multi-Breed Ram sale boasted the highest number of entries to date. Almost 330 rams were catalogued across 9 different breeds, with two sales rings in operation on the day. Over 40 extra rams went through the ring in comparison to last year’s sale but the clearance rate increased to an overall rate of 84.6%. With such an increase in sale numbers it’s very positive to see big crowds of buyers attending from both pedigree and commercial backgrounds. Buyers flocked from across the Country to purchase their elite Rams with 25 Counties being represented. This highlights the growing interest and awareness of performance recording and the benefits that can be gained by using 5 Star rams.

The overall clearance rate of the sale stood at 84.6% with an average sale price of €546. It was clear that there was rams on offer to suit all budgets with prices ranging from €250 – €1220. This is a ram sale aimed at commercial farmers and rams presented needed to go through a thorough physical inspection to gain entry to the sale.


As this is an Elite sale the entry criteria have increased year on year. This year the entry criteria was as follows:

  • 5 Star in either Replacement or Terminal Index
  • At least 35% accuracy on the rams qualifying 5 Star Index
  • Achieve an overall flock DQI of at least 65%
  • The flocks must have been muscle & fat scanned
  • Breeder’s flock must be genetically linked

Ring 1


The first breed into ring 1 was the Belclares. Prices ranged from €280 – €620, with an average price of €440 and a clearance rate of 78.6%. Ciaran Coughlan got the top Price of €620 for Lot number 3, Glenview Devil which was purchased by the research flock in Athenry.

Pictured Charles Hughes with his Belclare entry.



The Vendeens were the second breed into the ring with 13 rams on offer, they achieved a clearance rate of 84.6%. Prices ranged from €300 – €520, with an average of €425

The top price was achieved by Ena Nagle with her lot 53 (Landmark Sean Adele) which was sold for €520 and purchased by UCD Lyons Estate.

Cyril & Keith Anderson pictured below from Westmeath pictured below with their Vendeen Ram, Springfield Stephen.

Hampshire Down

For the first year ever, the Hampshire Down breed had 4 entries in the sale all bred by Adrian Curtin of Kildare. The average price achieved was €362 with all 4 being sold. 3 of Adrian’s 4 rams were in the top 10% on the replacement index for the Hampshire Down breed. For smaller performance recording breeds such as the Hampshire Downs, building accuracy % can be difficult giving the number of recorded sheep so an accuracy of over 35% on the Replacement/terminal index allowing them to gain entry to the sale is great to see.

Rouge de l’Ouest

The third breed into ring 1 was the Rouge’s. Edwin Draper (pictured below) of Tipperary got the top price of €500 for his ram in lot number 60 Kyleen Hercules. Kyleen Hercules was top 6% on the terminal index for the Rouge breed with an accuracy of 44%.



The Charollais’ were the final breed into Ring 1 with 102 rams going through the ring with a Clearance rate of 80.6%. The average price achieved was €526 with rams going anywhere from €250 – €1000.

Top price lot was 109 and bred by Jim & Frampton Jeffery. The Jeffery’s ram is the top 2% on the terminal index with an Acc% of 43%. Jim & Frampton have an excellent Data Quality Index of 92% which illustrates that a large amount of data is being recorded by them throughout the year.

Brian Burke pictured below with his Charollais entry.

Ring 2


First into 2nd ring in flying form were the Texels with 86 rams going through the ring with an outstanding clearance rate of 95.4%. Rams bought ranged from €300 – €1220 so there was a ram for all budgets and requirements. The average price was €629.

Michael & Aiden Murphy achieved the top price of the day for their ram Murphy’s Banjo, lot 253, which was sold for €1220 and purchased by fellow pedigree breeders Robert & Ann O’Mahony.



There were 2 Beltex rams on offer, which were both bred by Stephanie & Hugh O’Connor (Meath). Both rams were the top 6% of the breed on the terminal index. Both rams achieved a price of €620. Again, for the smaller performance recording breeds it’s hugely positive that they are meeting all the entry criteria and they certainly proved to be in demand on the day!


Another first for the Sheep Ireland sale seen the entry of the Lleyn breed.

Lot number 267 bred by Helen & Alan McDonald (pictured below) was sold for €480. This ram is in the top 3% for the terminal index with an Acc of 44%. Alan has a very high DQI of 81% proving that the smaller breeds are also well able to meet the entry criteria. Hopefully this will just be the beginning for these breeds and we will continue to see their entries in the years to come.


The Suffolks were the final breed into the second ring, with 54 rams on offer and a clearance rate of 80%. The prices ranged from €280 – €1020 with an average price of €558. Lot 269 bred by Aidan Collins of Clare earned the top price of €1020.

Pictured below: Colin Watchorn with one of his Suffolk entries.

Special Thanks..!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tullamore mart staff for all their help and co-operation on the of the sale. To our LambPlus breeders who entered high quality rams, the sale wouldn’t have been possible or a success without their hard work and dedication throughout the year! And finally, to the buyers that showed up in their droves to purchase Elite €uro-Star rated rams, thank you very much and we wish you the very best of luck with your new purchases!