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‘The €uro-Stars have added a consistency to the performance of the ewes’

Finalist for the “Most improved LambPlus Flock 2018”: Michael Bird – Dunlever Texels (BMI)

Michael Bird first established the Dunlever Texel flock way back in 1980 and joined the LambPlus Program in 2011.

Michael has been nominated for the Most Improved LambPlus Flock 2018 for the genetic gain his flock has made over the past 4 years. The most significant gain came in the Replacement index with an increase of €2.45, while the Terminal Index saw an increase of €0.61.  Micheals’ 2018 Lambs also have an average accuracy% of 40.3%

Michael has accumulated a very respectful DQI of 82% this year through the intense performance recording of his flock. Michael has weighed his lambs at different times throughout the year along with very accurate data around lambing time including Mortality, Birth Weights and Rearing rank. By accurately recording lambs that have been fostered on to another ewe, Michael is providing valuable information that is influencing the evaluations of his sheep.

Over the years, Michael feels that the overall performance of his ewes has improved in terms of Milk, Prolificacy and Lambing Performance ‘The €uro-Stars have added a consistency to the performance of the ewes’

Influential Sires:

In the early years of being a LambPlus member, a ram the drove the genetic gain of Michaels flock was Dunvarren Nugget. This ram carries 5 stars on the Replacement Index and was used heavily over a number of years. He left a positive impact on Michaels flock. In recent years, the use of Millfarm Will-I-Am has helped to increase the rate of genetic gain even further. A CPT Sire himself, Will-I-Am has impressive Indexes.