You are currently viewing Get your pregnancy scans in now to maximise your DQI!

Get your pregnancy scans in now to maximise your DQI!

LambPlus breeders should record their pregnancy scans today!

Pregnancy Scan recording is included in your overall DQI %. It’s important to note that you will be scored on completion of recording your pregnancy scans as well as the timeliness in recording the pregnancy scans. Therefore its important that these scans are uploaded before ewes begin lambing down. In order to get full marks for timeliness, you need to record pregnancy scans on the Sheep Ireland database at least 21 days before each ewe lamb’s down. The easiest and fastest way of recording pregnancy scans is by using the Sheep Ireland LambPlus App (NOTE: Scan date cannot be backdated currently, this will be updated in the future). You can also record pregnancy scans on the website logging in through your account.

Recording your pregnancy scans is important in determining how many embryos ewes have which will then determine the management and nutrition plan of ewe’s in the latter stages of pregnancy. Recording the number of embryos and comparing this to the number of lambs born will give indication of the rate of embryonic loss and allow a breeding value to be developed in the future. You will have the ability to see the level of barren ewes as well as the percentage of each birth rank by looking at the pregnancy scan report which Sheep Ireland is currently developing and will found in your ‘reports’ section on your account.

It is important to record all pregnancies, even ewes that have been scanned as empty. If theses ewes are scanned in lamb at a later date, their pregnancy scanning record can be updated.

Please take a look at the video below where 6 ewes pregnancy scores were recorded in 18 seconds, that is 3 seconds a ewe meaning you can record 100 ewes in a whopping 5 minutes (provided ewes are in their respective groups according to their embryo number- as illustrated in the video).

For more information on how to record your pregnancy scanning information please contact Sheep Ireland on 023 8820451 or email on [email protected]