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Updated Pedigree Management Screen

Sheep Ireland are continuously trying to ensure screens are more user-friendly relying significantly on feedback from breeders and other users such as flockbook administrators. These improvements are made to help breeders to review and revise their information as effectively and efficiently as possible to enable them to make more informed decisions in a promptly manner.

There are been several updates to screens over the past several years, however here updates to the pedigree management screen are explained and the below image illustrates what breeders will see when they go to their ‘Pedigree Management’ screens today.

On the graph illustrated, the number of approved pedigree requests are along the vertical axis  (point 1 on graph) while the requests made per year are along the horizontal axis (point 2 on graph). This is further broken down by sex, with female and males displayed separately on the histogram bars (point 3 on graph). Each lamb birth year is differentiated by colour, in the context of the below image lambs born in 2017 are green, lambs born in 2018 are orange and 2019 born lambs are illustrated in purple (point 4 on graph). This gives breeders an indication of how many requests of are made in a given year and the age of the animals they are requesting.