Teagasc Virtual Sheep Conference 26th & 28th Jan 2021!

Teagasc Virtual Sheep Conference 26th & 28th Jan 2021!

The Teagasc Virtual Sheep Conference will take place across two evenings, Tuesday, 26th January and Thursday, 28th January, as a Zoom webinar between 8pm and 9pm.

Agenda for Tuesday, 26 January, 8pm

Hosted by Michael Gottstein, Head of Sheep Knowledge Transfer, Tea
  • Nicola Fetherstone, Teagasc Walsh Scholar
    INZAC – An Irish versus New Zealand animal comparison
  • Professor Paul Kenyon PhD, Head of School, School of Agriculture & Environment/Professor in Sheep Husbandry, Massey University, New Zealand
    New Zealand feeding guidelines for growing lambs to target live weights on herbage
  • Questions & Answers

Agenda for Thursday, 28th January, 8pm

Webinar Host – Damian Costello, Sheep Knowledge Transfer Specialist, Teagasc
  • Áine O’Brien, Post-doctoral Researcher on Sheep Genetics and Genomics, Teagasc
    Reducing labour at lambing: improving lamb vigour and ewe mothering ability through breeding
  • Ben Shrugnal – UK Vet
    Laryngeal chrondritis is an obstructive disease of the upper respiratory tract in sheep caused by abscesses on the larynx which, along with swelling and inflammation of the throat, restrict the windpipe. (Texel Throat)
  • Questions & Answers

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