How to enter rams to the Sheep Ireland Elite €uroStar Multi-Breed Ram Sale 2021

How to enter rams to the Sheep Ireland Elite €uroStar Multi-Breed Ram Sale 2021

Entries & Sale order 

Breeders are permitted to enter four rams from each breed in their flock. This year, flocks with over 50 ewes lambed of the same breed are allowed to enter a fifth ram for that breed. If Covid-19 restrictions remain at a high level, the number of entries could be revised down ahead of the sale, but this will be made clear to breeders in advance of the sale. The sale will be run on a breed-by-breed basis, and as in 2020 there will be one ballot per breed. There will be two rings in operation on the day, with the order that breeds enter the ring and the ring they go through being determined once all the entries have been received.  

 Deadline for Entries 

The deadline for sale entries is Monday August 16th with promotion of the provisional sales catalogue from Wednesday, August 18th. All entries must be made via email to [email protected] in the following format: 

  • Breeder Name: 
  • Flock Designator: 
  • Willing to transport rams (Y/N) (See note below) 
  • Ram Breed 
  • Ram NSIS Number/Pedigree ID 
  • Ram Comment (max 200 characters) 


We will be accepting subs until 1 pm on Monday, August 23rd by emailing [email protected] and seeking confirmation of receipt or calling 0238820451. No substitutes will be accepted after this deadline. The final sale catalogue will be based on the genomic evaluation carried out on Tuesday, August 24th. All rams must meet the sale entry criteria based on this evaluation run.