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Level Crossing Flor has been sold!!

In 2020 as part of the CPT Natural Mating Pilot project carried out last year, Sheep Ireland purchased 12 ram lambs of multiple breeds from LambPlus flocks to mate naturally with a proportion of the CPT Ewes. One of the rams that was purchased was Level Crossing Flor from LambPlus breeder Jeremiah Anthony Collins in Co. Cork.

The ram performed really well in the CPT and produced over 120 lambs and for this reason we decided that it was the right time to move him on.

Sheep Ireland contacted all Belclare breeders to let them know that the ram was for sale and they were given the opportunity to purchase the ram. We are delighted to announce that the ram has now been sold to a group of pedigree Belclare breeders. This will mean that the good genetics from this ram will now be dispersed through the Belclare breed and will inevitably filter through the national flock to improve the genetic merit of national flock as a whole. This ram is the only CPT Ram that will be for sale this year, but next year we hope to have rams from different breeds that we can offer to pedigree LambPlus breeders to improve the rate of genetic gain in their flocks.