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Sheep Ireland Guide & Directory of Breeders 2022

The Sheep Ireland Guide & Directory of Breeders 202 Issue 8 is now available and has been posted out to over 12,000 commercial breeders this month, in time for the breeding season. The guide & directory highlights pedigree breeders who are involved in the LambPlus programme who are performance recording their animals. This performance data contributes to genetic evaluations producing €urostars. In this guide & directory there is a wealth of information such as stats from the Irish Sheep Industry, tips for ram purchasers, explanations on how to understand and interpret €urostars and values, the ingredients that comprise the €urostar indexs, explanations of genomics and validation information,  as well as information on what is happening with the Hill sector and Sheep Ireland Also included is the Breed Society Contacts for most breeds of sheep in the country as we contact details of performance recording breeders in the country.

James Murphy – Chair of the Sheep Ireland board, sheep farmer from Kilkenny, Charollais pedigree ram breeder and former chairman of the IFA sheep committee:

“2022 has already seen many improvements within Sheep Ireland. High €uroStar rams continue to deliver higher profits in validation work being carried out. Genotyping of pedigree sheep across Ireland continues to grow at pace. Sheep Ireland continue to build the services available to all Irish farmers, via the online ram search, free data recording app and a greatly improved ram sale catalogue format. Most importantly, national genetic trends are on an upward trajectory which bodes well for Irish sheep farmers”

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