You are currently viewing KILBEG AESOP – CPT Natural Mating 2022 team!

KILBEG AESOP – CPT Natural Mating 2022 team!

In 2022, as part of the CPT Natural Mating program, Sheep Ireland purchased 13 rams to be mated with the CPT Ewes.

KILBEG AESOP is a Suffolk ram bred by LambPlus breeder EDWARD JEFFERY who currently resides in CPT farmer JOHN LARGE’s farm in County Tipperary. This is an outstanding ram lamb who is a double 5-star and in the top 2 and 5 % within his breed for both Replacement and Terminal Indexes.

KILBEG AESOP has a Euro value of €0.86 in his Replacement Index and €1.07 in his Terminal Index, with an excellent accuracy of 76%. This ram lamb is 5-star for No of Lambs Born a and 4-star for Survivability, with accuracies above 72% in all indexes. He is also 5-star and one of the top Suffolk rams for his Days to Slaughter Index, at -8.9 days, with an excellent 81% accuracy.

KILBEG AESOP is taking part in the CPT natural mating this year and will be joining a team of other ram lambs who will be put into a group of 100 ewes. The progeny produced by him will be DNA parentage verified to him and to their respective dams. All performance data of his lambs will be captured throughout the year in the CPT program in 2023.

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