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How to record a lambing on the LambPlus App

LambPlus App

The aim of the LambPlus App is that it acts like an electronic version of your lambing notebook. The LambPlus App is available to all Sheep Ireland users. It is designed to be user friendly and reliable and to work for both Commercial and Pedigree flocks.

The LambPlus App is designed to work on Android and iOS devices and works well on tablets and phones equally.

Flock data can be recorded without an internet connection

Sheep Ireland designed the App so that once farmers log in and download their flock, they can then go offline and record their lambing information. Once the App returns to an internet connection, the information automatically gets loaded to the database. Users should regularly check the website to ensure that their information is being uploaded correctly and access their reports.

WATCH: This short video clearly demonstrates how simple and quickly lambing can be recorded on the App.

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