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Weekly Update: 01/05/2015

Lambing data entry deadline has passed

The deadline for entry of lambing data has passed as of yesterday April 30th . The Irish Texel society deadline for birth notifying their pedigree lambs was also April 30th. LambPlus breeders can continue to add lambs to the system, but these lambs will not receive €uroStar evaluations in 2015. Texel breeders are the exception to this rule, the Sheep Ireland recording screens will not allow these breeders to enter any 2015 lambs. Texel breeders that have failed to record their lambing data before the April 30th should contact the society directly.


As mentioned above, sheep breeds apart from Texel partaking in LambPlus can continue to enter lambing data and these lambs will receive €uroStars in 2016. Over 3,000 individual lambs were entered onto the Sheep Ireland database on the day of the deadline. We will be contacting breeders over the coming number of weeks to address any issues that may exist with the data. We also encourage breeders to contact us, should they need help rectifying any problems.


Hill sheep performance recording

Many of the hill farmers that signed up to record parentage data on their lambs in 2015 are just finishing up their lambing season now. Over 85 Blackface Mountain flocks have identified a nucleus of purebred ewes upon which to build this parentage recording. Each of these breeders have been provided with individual access to their respective flocks on