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How can I get ram semen genotyped?

Sheep Ireland strongly encourages breeders to genotype all sires, including sires used in artificial insemination (stock ram genotyping is mandatory see post here). This is due to the increased accuracy provided by genotypes in evaluations.

If the ram that you wish to genotype is still alive and is accessible to you, the best way to get him genotyped is by ordering and taking an ear tissue sample. It is recommendable that ear tissue sampling is taken over semen sampling if the ram is still alive. If the ram is dead and you have access to his semen, then a pellet or straw can be sent for genotyping.

Semen sample kits are ordered via your genomic ordering screen. If the ram is not in your flock account he can be added to your flock account by contacting Sheep Ireland / Your relevant society or via the “Inventory tab>> Add animals” and inputting the animals NSIS tag. Then inputting a movement date, to add the animal to your flock.

If you are unsure about the process or receive any errors doing so, Please contact Sheep Ireland @ 021 8820451 or your relevant society. Once the animal has been added to your account, a semen sample can be ordered from your genomic ordering screen (see video below).


When a semen Kit order is placed a Sheep Ireland representative will prepare the kits and send it to the farmer within 5 working days through certified post. Each semen sample kit will have an Instructions sheet with a strict protocol to be read, following this protocol allows the best chance for a successful genotyping.

Choosing the correct kit (pellet / straw) is VITAL when ordering a sample kit!