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Hill flocks need to Genotype stock rams now!

Genotype your stock rams for the best chances of producing SIS eligible rams for this season.

SIS eligible rams are in high demand since the launch of the SIS scheme giving Hill breeders a great market opportunity.

As a reminder of the scheme requirement for the genotyped ram purchase task, Hill rams must be DNA sire verified by Sheep Ireland to be SIS eligible.

We strongly recommend genotyping all your stock rams now, as this will ensure any progeny produced by these rams this season will be sire verified, specifically in cases where rams get lost or die during the winter.

Once a ram is genotyped he is genotyped for life, even if he is dead any progeny he produced will be able to sire verified provided the lambs themselves are genotyped also.

How can I genotype my hill stock ram?

The details required to genotype your stock rams are:

  • Full NSIS (Department tag- e.g. IE0412345 00123A).
  • DOB (Year of birth is sufficient if DOB is not known).
  • Breed of ram.
  • Your flock number and address.
  • You can submit an application for a genotype tag for your hill stock ram here (click): Sheep Ireland: Hill flock application form.
  • Also you can submit your details through our WhatsApp number 083 2063734, or through our email [email protected].

If you have already an active account with Sheep Ireland and the animal is registered, you can check if your stock ram is genotyped through your online account, via the genomic ordering screen.

Have a look at the video below which demonstrates how can you order genotypes via the genomic ordering screen.



Check this video on how to take the tissue sample:

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