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One of Sheep Ireland's experienced technicians scanning a lamb for muscle and fat depth

Are you interested in Scanning this year?

If you wish to have your flock scanned for Muscle and Fat depth this year please

TEXT the word SCANNING to 0894577665 before the 22nd of May.

Ultrasound scanning information is used as a very good predictor of carcass confirmation, fat levels and kill out percentage (KO %), all very important traits to the commercial farmer and the €uroStar evaluations. The more scanning information we collect from your flock and/or breed, the higher the accuracy of the evaluation for your sheep will be, therefore giving you and your potential customers more confidence in their purchasing decision. If your lambs are scanned between 121 and 180 days of age this will also count as your third weight (not including birth weight). Lambs will also be scored for lameness, dagginess and condition score on the day, all of which will go towards a new health index in the future. For more information check out our Ultrasound Scanning for Muscle and Fat depth page.